A barrel lock and end cap securing the wings of a  Ford Meter Box, water meter valve. The unlimited adjustability of the cap provides a gap-free, tamper-resistant installation.Keys for barrel locks, all stainless steel components. Key couples tightly onto the barrel lock to facilitate locking gas & water meter valves. Almost impossible to duplicate, not sold on ebay, Utility registration required. Very tough, durable, long lasting, not affected by dirt, water and mud.


Made of thru-hardened stainless steel

Easy to operate and remains coupled to the lock until released

Remains operational in spite of water, mud, dirt, etc.

Tough, durable tool: holds up to years of rigorous use

Can be rebuilt by manufacturer


Bogus keys nearly impossible to make: none available on the web


Only sold directly to utilities that are registered users


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Made of thru-hardened stainless steel

Has an infinitely variable gripping range of 3/8” to 3/4”

Simplified installation and inventory: one end cap fits ALL

Provides a tight, gap-free, tamper-resistant installation

Beveled ends reduce the effects of pry bars etc.

Open bottom prevents the buildup of water and debris


All other end caps have one or more preset grooves. Result:

          NOT ADJUSTABLE and leaves GAPS for pry bar access


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Optional dust cap is made of molded buna-N rubber

Plug is water tight, positively eliminates all contaminates

Easy to install and remove, can be reused many times


Note: The barrel lock is water tight without a dust cap.

However, in the case of a long term installation, the dust cap keeps

the key hole completely free of debris.


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Barrel lock securing a winged valve

Angled head easily deflects side blows: WILL NOT BREAK OFF

Adjustable end cap fits tight and eliminates ALL GAPS

Angled ends of the end cap help to deter tampering efforts

Bolt cutters and pry bars cannot access the barrel lock

Inserting a dust cap /plug finalizes the locking procedure


The life expectancy of this installation is 10 to 20 years!



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O-ring seals at all openings, water tight, impervious to the elements

Special extraction tools are not needed: OUR LOCKS WILL OPEN!



Made of thru-hardened stainless steel, one piece construction

Thru-hardened, short angled head, CANNOT BE BROKEN OFF or gripped with ordinary tools!

Cannot be picked with a 16d nail or any other common tool

Positive operation, no springs or delicate parts to bind or break

Generates a clamping force of over 60 lbs and produces a tight, gap-free installation

Provides superior protection for your meters by integrating security, toughness, durability, and reliability into a compact design

Retrofits all industry standard valves and lock housings

Handles insects, mud, water, ice, abuse, and neglect for DECADES

Ultra simple design practically eliminates the possibility of the lock becoming inoperable for any reason

Competitively priced with other brands of stainless steel locks


Almost all failures of other barrel locks occur because of:



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This comparison reveals the major design flaws of

All “Other Brand” Barrel Locks

A barrel lock, end cap and key locking a Ford Meter Box winged water valve. The barrel lock, end cap and key are in various stages of installation. The unlimited adjustability of the cap provides a gap-free, tamper-resistant installation.Text Box:  Barrel Lock 
Barrel Locks are made of hardened stainless steel components throughout. Features watertight O-ring seals, short tapered head is un-breakable; fits all gas & water meter valves.End Cap with spiral groove is infinitely adjustable on the barrel lock. It prevents tampering by clamping tightly across gas and water meter valves. The tapered ends help deflect tampering effects. Made of rust proof stainless steel.Dust Cap pushes into the barrel lock’s key opening. It is made of buna-n rubber, produces a durable, watertight seal and is re-usable.